How to Use Sex Swings – The Best Positions

So, you finally bought a sex swing for yourself and your partner, and you want to have some fun? Great! You can finally get a lot more creative with positions and spice up your sex life. However, we understand that having too many options can be intimidating. So, we will help you out by recommending some of the best sex positions for sex swings.



Down on Your Knees

Going down on your partner is one of the best ways to start every sexual encounter. And, sex swings are an excellent way to do it. Have the receiving partner lean back in the swing while the performing partner kneels down. With the right swing, you will have perfect access to the juicy bits of your partner.

The Flying Doggy Style

This position includes a bit of aerial aerobics. However, it can be extremely gratifying to both partners. The receiving partner lies tummy down on the seat of the swing with their legs dangling loosely. For extra control, they should also hold on to the straps with their hands. The other partner comes from behind and pulls the legs up around the hips. He then holds on to the hips as he enters from behind.

Flying Cowgirl

This position is a spin on the classic position of cowgirl. And, it is straightforward; the penetrating partner sits in the swing and leans back. The receiving partner climbs on them and straddles them while keeping their feet on the floor. You can also switch it up a bit by having the partner on the bottom put their feet on the floor while the one on top picks them up for more control. Just make sure that your sex swing can handle the weight of both you and your partner.

The Giddy-Up Stirrups

This position requires foot straps to perform perfectly. It will help you get that ideal angle of penetration. The receiving partner should lie back down on the swing and stretch their legs out, using the foot straps. The penetrating partner stands in front, between the legs of the receiving partner. The penetrating partner can use the swing to move the swinging partner around, per their wishes.

The Sixty-Nine

There are multiple ways to enjoy a round of mutual oral sex with a sex swing. However, the simplest one is to have one partner in the swing, and the other one bent over. It is much simpler and easier than the usual 69 position.

The Lap Dance

This position is exactly what you would expect – except it is much better. The penetrating partner sits in the swing, and the receiving partner climbs onto their lap. Both partners should keep their feet on the floor. You can enjoy this position facing each other, or having the receiving partner turn away. Using sex swings for the lap dance position allows for a lot smoother motion, not to mention that the swinging adds a whole new level of enjoyment.

In the End

These are just our recommendations. Once you get to play with sex swings, you will see how many positions you can invent, each one better than the last. Are you considering a sex swing? You can find a huge range at