How to prepare for the arrival of your new puppy?

Bringing a new puppy home is a very exciting event. You need to prepare a lot and buy many things when you bring home a new member to your family. If you are prepared in advance with the stuff, it will create a comfortable life for the puppy and you will also find it easy to manage. There are certain essentials and some not so essential items that you may get for your puppy.

  1. Collar and leash are essential as these will help you to control the puppy and train him from the beginning. The collar will also have all the details about the puppy, like its identity tag and license number.
  2. The puppy needs to identify a particular area as its territory. So, a crate or cage is important that can be marked as its area where you can confine and train it.
  3. You need a comfy bed for the puppy, and you can choose one of the Best Dog Beds for Small Dogs.
  4. Bowls for eating and water. May be plastic or stainless steel. These are easily cleanable.
  5. Food and treats for the puppy. The puppy will need lots of nourishment as it will eat a lot while growing up. It may need special food created according to its needs, for hair, coat, bones, and teeth.
  6. You need special treats that are used for training a puppy by positive reinforcement.
  7. You need some special grooming supplies, like a comb, brush, tooth brush, shampoo, and nail clipper etc. Special towels, special powders, and eardrops etc. may be needed.
  8. ID Tag and a microchip and the vaccination schedule.

Apart from this there are many other interesting things that you can see at the pet grooming store and you can buy according to the specific needs and as prescribed by the animal doctor looking after the puppy.