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At read how you can be a power shopper at Homegoods.

Shop on the weekdays

For a better selection of goods and an easy shopping visit the store on a weekday. This is the time when you will see that there are hardly any customers shopping because all are at work and this means that the store is more organized and quiet.

Stocks come daily

The stocks are filled daily so in case you do not find something yesterday may be there today. Also, make sure that you know the markdowns. This will let you know the lifespan of any product.


If you notice that the item is slightly damaged then this means that you can ask for a discount over and above the store discount. The manager may be interested in getting rid of this defected product so he may offer you one.

Reach the store prepared

Be prepared before you enter the store. Also, come with the exact measurements of the items that you wish to purchase.

Do not wait for long

It could happen that if you leave something for long then it will be taken away. So place it in your cart and then you can decide and make payments later.

Look at another store

If the item is damaged in the store in your vicinity then you could look for it in some other store. The selection would differ from one store to another still there is sure to be some items that would be common.

Download the app

If you are a regular customer here then download the app. This will let you check out the new arrivals and you may want to grab them immediately. This also lets you load in your coupons and gift cards so you do not need to worry about leaving it back home.