To Heart Or not To Heart

We all like stuff, right?

I mean, we all like to find new products that make us happy. But it’s not an easy journey to find them. Often we spend many hours going through dozens of websites, videos, and social media posts. We read reviews, we weigh the options. And then we have to make a choice.

I have to admit, when I have to decide on a big product the experience is both exhilarating and terrifying. I want the care/bike/boat/gadget so bad, but I am also quite anxious about wasting my money.

Now you could argue that this is just part of the process. That it’s what makes a good result so much sweeter. And you could be right. A lot of people judge the quality of their victory by the hardship of the journey. You often hear someone say; it was a terrible fight to get there, but it was all worth it. And from that you might deduce that they made an accurate trade-off between cost and reward.

However, I would like to go about things differently. In my opinion, a result is it’s own reward. If I am after a new Downhill Mountain bike, the reward is having and riding that bike. Not the feeling of relief of having evaded a bad choice. Or the feeling of triumph of having won a good deal.

If those would be my motivation, I will keep having to find better deals or take more risks. And that is what a lot of people are experiencing.

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